Postgraduate Course in

Personality Disorders


Why this course?


This course presents a unique opportunity for those who wish to gain specialized training in personality disorders, as well as top

quality training in psychotherapy in general. The uniqueness of this course lies, among others, in that participants will have the

opportunity to learn by the side of a leading figure in the field: Lorna Smith Benjamin, PhD, ABPP, FDHC.


Quoting from another master figure in the area of personality, Theodore Millon PhD, DSc "Benjamin's work signifies a quantum

advance in interpersonal thinking regarding therapy for the personality disorders."


After a lifetime dedicated to research and clinical practice and having worked with as important figures as Harry Harlow, Carl Rogers,

Carl Whitaker and John Bowlby, Dr. Benjamin presents a unifying, yet groundbreaking theory of personality disorders with vital implications

for the clinical practice.


In this course, offered for the first time in Europe, participants will have the opportunity to enhance their understanding of the theory

and practice of psychotherapy in general and of personality disorders specifically, integrate the most important ideas and contributions

to the field, go as far as the borders of today's scientific knowledge and see beyond.


On a practical level, they will be introduced to one of the most effective and integrative methodologies for diagnosis and treatment and

will acquire skills and resources that will help them resolve some of the most recurrent and challenging issues in the clinical practice.


The training will take place within an international environment at one of the most prestigious centres of psychology in Spain: 

Hestia International Psychotherapy and Training Centre

More about the course


The Postgraduate Course in Personality Disorders is a three month intensive course that aims to provide: 

  • a deep and comprehensive understanding of psychotherapy and psychopathology, with an emphasis on personality disorders;
  • an integrative, multi-dimensional theoretical framework;
  • an advanced interpersonal model of therapy for personality disorders;
  • theoretical and practical tools for appropriate intervention: what to do, for whom, when and how;
  • the ability to detect interpersonal and intrapsychic patterns that give rise to and reinforce symptomatic behaviours;
  • the ability to resolve the problem of overlap among diagnostic categories;
  • the ability to predict problems that are likely to occur in the therapeutic relationship;
  • a broad knowledge of evidence based and empirical research in the field of personality disorders;
  • greater insight and awareness of oneself in the practitioner's role.

The course includes training in use of the highly reliable and valid Structural Analysis of Social Behaviour

(SASB; Benjamin, 1978; 1996/2003) to recognize patterns and formally link the past and present.

Who is it for?


Psychology graduates, psychotherapists, counsellors, psychiatrists and mental health practitioners,

who wish to receive high quality training in psychotherapy and incorporate powerful tools in their practice.




EU/International 2680€ total (deposit included).

More details in the How to apply section.

Training Program

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Postgraduate Course in Personality Disorders with Lorna Smith Benjamin
Three month intensive course. From September to December 2017.
Postgraduate Course in Personality Disor[...]
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