Postgraduate Training in Psychotherapy 

with Lorna Smith Benjamin PhD, ABPP, FDHC

September to December 2017 · Barcelona, Spain

Postgraduate Course in Personality Disorders




Lorna Smith Benjamin


Dr. Benjamin’s contribution to the field of psychotherapy as a theorist, researcher and clinician has been very significant. Having worked by the side of key figures in the field, such as John Bowlby, Harry Harlow, Carl Rogers and Carl Whitaker, she has developed one of the most comprehensive and powerful methodologies for the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders...

Interpersonal Reconstructive Therapy

A unique model

You will be introduced to one of the most effective and

integrative methodologies for diagnosis and treatment,

by the side of an expert..

Structural Analysis of Social Behaviour


A tool that assesses interpersonal and intrapsychic

behaviour in three different dimensions, providing a

lens which helps sharpen the clinician’s perception...


from professionals who have been mentored by Lorna Smith Benjamin, PhD, ABPP, FDHC.

Ju Hui Park, PhD                  

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

"Dr. Benjamin is a master clinician and phenomenal educator – it does not get any better than her. My training has felt like being gifted a treasure chest of clinical wisdom that has been profoundly informative and effective, an experience that I am able to return to over and over again for years to come. Keeping the therapy focused on how we learn to connect and attach (...) paves the way for a truly transformative experience in psychotherapy, both for the patient and the clinician..."

Tracey Smith, PhD                  

Associate Professor,

Baylor University

"I am profoundly grateful to have had Dr. Benjamin as my graduate school mentor and clinical supervisor. The training I received from her helped me grow professionally and personally in ways that are hard to express in a few sentences! To this day, I use my training in coding interpersonal behavior, case formulation, and research. 

Dr. Benjamin's training enabled me to work willingly and successfully with many "challenging" patients..."

Justin MacKenzie, PhD

Clinic Director,

University of Utah

"My training with Dr. Benjamin provided an essential foundation to my daily work as a clinician, researcher, and educator. I am indebted to her evidence-based approach and training in advanced case conceptualization, understanding and appreciation of interpersonal dynamics, and core principles of enhancing motivation among the most difficult of populations and cases."

Kelly Schloredt, PhD, ABPP

Leader, CONNECT Program

Seattle Children's Hospital

"I first learned the Structural Analysis of Social Behavior (SASB) over 25 years ago as a graduate student. Since that time, SASB has never failed me – I have applied the principles, over and over, in all aspects of my career and have consistently relied on my learnings with excellent results. Although SASB requires an investment of time and energy to initially learn, the initial investment will pay dividends many times over!."


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